Posted: 1/2003


"We are not looking for a
free ride. We are just trying to figure out how to compete."

–Gabe Battista, chairman and CEO
of Talk America Inc., referencing a proposal filed Nov. 6 with the Federal
Communications Commission by 10 local phone companies offering what may be the
first formal compromise over the availability of unbundled network elements.
Under the proposal, competitors would be required to buy their own switches
rather than leasing the Bells’ gear after acquiring enough customers to justify
a network investment. However, the Bells first must eliminate obstacles that
could stymie an expedient and smooth migration from the incumbent’s network to a
competitor’s switching facility.

By Word of Mouse

DSL Racing, built by WildTangent Inc. for BellSouth Corp., delivers a
fast-action, online gaming experience that entertains and educates consumers on
the benefits of high-speed DSL technology. The average game last eight minutes,
which far exceeds the time anyone will watch or read more traditional
advertising. The free game, which can be played over any Internet connection, is
available at

In the game, players customize their
own virtual stock cars and race to complete two laps while collecting as many
"race credits" as possible. Race Credits can then be spent in the
FastAccess SpeedShop to upgrade a car’s engine, tires and turbo for better car

are further challenged by the presence of Dial-Up Potholes and Cable Modem
Speedbumps that slow players’ cars down in the game. After racing, players can
post their best race times to the FastAccess DSL Racing Leader Board and can
send e-mail challenges to friends and family to beat their best scores. There
are links throughout the site that take players to,
to learn more about the features and benefits of BellSouth’s FastAccess DSL
service, including service availability and ordering information.

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BellSouth Corp.

Federal Communications Commission

Talk America Inc.

WildTangent Inc.

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