Posted: 12/2002


— Mitch Marcus, the founder of, lamenting that the General Services Administration had not
suspended Worldcom Inc.’s contract as it had those of the other two companies on
the grounds that they "had engaged in misconduct and committed internal
control irregularities that seriously affect their suitability to receive
government contracts."

"It is time for citizens and
candidates to say with one voice that WorldCom deserves exactly the same kind of
treatment that two other flagrant lawbreakers, Enron and Arthur Andersen, also
brought upon themselves."

Payback Time

annoying "junk" faxes? A new company wants yours and will reward you
for sending them in. FaxBack Benefits provides a toll-free number for registered
users to fax back their junk faxes. In exchange for their time, users are
rewarded with chances to win rewards up to $1,000 every month, plus a quarterly
reward of $1,000. The faxed information is compiled and shared with marketing
and media agencies to create new methods of effective marketing. Participation
in the program is free and has more than 3,000 registered users, according to
the company.

A Little Secret

Chechen rebels allowed hostages in a
Moscow theater to make cell phone calls to relatives to relay their demands.
Through the calls, Russian security officials learned how many rebels were in
the building, what kind of weapons they had and where they and the hostages were
located in the theater complex. "The phones were our little secret,"
an official said, "and through them we knew everything that was going on
inside." (Source: MSNBC)

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