Posted: 11/2002


"I wish this company [would]
just come clean with the Street regarding our guidance. This swap crap is going
to kill us in the long run and I’m personally very fed up with this business
case garbage."

–In a Sept. 25, 2001, e-mail
message from Global Crossing executive Joey Wong released by Congressional
investigators looking into the company’s treatment of swaps.

Passing Time

Congratulations, you are 1,000 weeks
old! Or at least you would be if you were 19 years, one month, four weeks and
one day old. New Web site
lets you calculate those more unusual anniversaries.

So now if you miss your spouse’s
birthday, you can try to make up for it by surprising them with a more creative
memorable day. How about 10,000 days old, 250,000 minutes old, or the big one,
One Billion Seconds Old? Then again, if you miss your spouse’s birthday, you
might want to calculate your own milestones, which you’re not likely to reach.

Habit Forming

percent of U.S. employees think they have become addicted to or compulsive in
their use of the Internet at work, according to the 2002 Web@Work Survey from
Web-filtering software company Websense. The survey found employees’ personal
net usage is reserved for news sites (67 percent) and shopping (37 percent).
Among other survey findings: 23 percent of employees say shopping is the most
addictive online content.

On Tap for December

  • Unified Communications

  • Partner Compensation Survey

  • PHONE+ Prepaid

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