Posted: 09/2002


… in July 30 testimony before
the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation …

"[T]o address the capital
shortage facing the telecommunications industry, telecom firms must work
diligently to clean up their balance sheets to restore some financial stability
and reality to this industry."

Michael K. Powell, Chairman,
FCC , on restoring financial health, the third of six steps he has proposed for
stabilizing the telecom industry.

the ‘Dead’

Many people claim to have contact
with the dead, but one woman received a cell phone call from her departed son while
she was attending his funeral. In this tragic case of mistaken identity, the
caller’s family had gathered to mourn the death of a man who they believed was
their relative. The man had died after being hit by a train, so identification
had been difficult. When the real family member — alive and well — learned
what had happened, he called his mother’ to tell her that reports of his death
were indeed exaggerated. (Source:

Telecom World Cup?

As a warmup for the Soccer World
Cup, Arbinet-thexchange hosted a tournament for foosball fanatics attending the
Global Telecommunica-tions Meeting in Washington. Twenty-four two-player teams
from telcos around the world competed. Emilio Gaynor, center, and Kyriakos Louka,
right, from Cyprus Telecom (pictured with Arbinet’s Stephen Davis) took the gold
and an i-MAC computer each for their win. IDT Corporation’s team took silver,
and Lattelekom’s team won bronze. Arbinet plans a rematch at GTM 2003.

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