Posted: 07/2002


"I said, ‘I am not sure you can deliver a
pizza in 30 minutes.’"

… during the May ASCENT 2002
Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, commenting on a claim by Enron Corp.
executives that they could deliver bandwidth around the world in 30 minutes.

–Brent Wilkens, managing
director, Cantor Fitzgerald Telecom Services LLP

The Numbers Grow

From the FCC’s annual "Trends
in Telephone Service" report:

  • 9.6 million = lines (or wireless
    channels) in service during the first half of 2001, an increase of 36
    percent from about 7.1 million at the end of December 2000.

  • About 5.9 million = high-speed
    lines of more than 200kbps in both directions during the first half of 2001,
    compared to about 4.3 million at the end of December 2000.

  • 6.6 billion = calls made in 2000
    from the United States to other countries, compared to 200 million in 1980.

  • 17.3 million = 9 percent of the
    nearly 192 million local telephone lines in the United States belonged to
    CLECs as of June 30, 2001.

  • $21.84 = Average monthly local
    residential charge for service in October 2001 as compared to $19.24 in

  • $42.18 = Average monthly local
    charge for a business with a single phone line in October 2001 as compared
    to $41.21 in October 1990.

Paper Phone Takes Prize in Sony

The "PS Call Me" phone,
invented by British student Stephen Forshaw, took first prize in a contest that
Sony Corp. sponsored, according to a Reuters report. The folded paper phone
contains a wafer-thin circuit and can be sent like a letter. The recipient can
make a call back to the sender by pressing a button.

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