Posted: 05/2002


… before the Congressional Forum on Technological and Economic Impact of Broadband Deployment Policy and Initiatives…

“Even ubiquitous broadband deployment will fall short of competitive, economic, or national security objectives unless people actually adopt broadband technology and use it to work, play, live and learn.”

— Rick Ellenberger, Chairman-elect and CEO, Broadwing Inc.

ID’em, Dano

The day may come when police can use their mobile phones to identify criminals. In March, Motorola Inc., Visionics Corp. and Wirehound LLC demonstrated facial recognition capabilities on Motorola’s new Java technology-enabled phones. The application uses
Visionics’ FaceIt ARGUS system, which automatically finds faces in a field of view and searches them against a mug shot database. Upon finding a match, Wirehound’s Birddog generates a wireless alert to phones used by mobile law enforcement officials, who can then verify the subject’s identity. The phones can store multiple images and are alerted when a new image arrives. 

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