Posted: 04/2002


… at CompTel’s 21st annual Conference & Exposition, while addressing the passage of the Tauzin-Dingell bill in the U.S. House …

“Make no mistake, we are not despondent. The fight goes on. Tauzin-Dingell will go nowhere in the Senate. Last week’s vote marked the Bells’ highwater mark. It’s all downhill for the Bells from here.”

–H. Russell Frisby Jr., President,

On Tap

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  • PHONE+ Collaborate

Is That a Mobile Phone in Your Pocket?

Virgin Mobile Phones introduced adult content services Feb. 14, including SMS flirting and mobile gambling, and it plans to add mobile erotica. The first adult-only offering was its so-called Flirt Alert service that matches people of similar profiles and allows them to send blind SMS text messages to each other. The service is offered through Virgin’s enhanced services division Virgin

Virgin Mobile, the United Kingdom’s fifth-largest mobile network with 1.45 million customers follows Hutchison 3G and Genie in developing content specifically for an adult audience. All three are hopeful this category of premium content services will boost usage and average revenue per user. 

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