Not Necessarily News

Posted: 2/2002

Not Necessarily News

Calling in for the Big Mac,
Mocha Grande

Who needs a drive-through, when you’ve got your cell phone? Three McDonald Restaurants and 11 Starbucks in Seattle are testing a way to offer faster service. Golden Arches’ customers can press a few buttons on their cell phones programmed to McDonald’s new McQuick service. When they arrive, they grab their burgers and go — without waiting to order or to pay. That is because McQuick works like a prepaid calling card. The customer opens a “bank” account with the fast-food giant. When a customer uses
McQuick, the cost of the order is subtracted, once it is picked up. And, you always can add more dollars when you know the balance has gotten lower than a 49-cent burger.

The service isn’t free, however. Each McQuick transaction costs 15 cents.

In the meantime, the 11 Starbucks add 25 cents to each cell phone order for a cup of gourmet joe.

Supporting the two companies is Ontain Corp.,
( a small, private wireless services company, which according to an MSNBC report, believes “impatient Americans will pay for the right not to wait.”

Oh Say Can You Hear
My Cell Phone Ring

Still can’t find a U.S. flag as shortages of red, white and blue banners accompany Americans’ desire to display their patriotic spirit? Well, now
you can show your love for your
country by letting your cell phone ring out The Star Spangled Banner.
( lets consumers download the national anthem for free and have it sent to their phone.

In addition to the patriotic piece, it also offers consumers Christina Aguilera’s What a Girl Wants, the theme song from The Flintstones or the entrance music from various World Wrestling Federa-tion superstars. has nearly a thousand ring tones on line. More are being added daily as rights fees are finalized with the artists. The cost of the service is $2.99 and can be ordered with a credit card or a 900 number. 

On Tap for March

  • IP Telephony

  • Wireless Messaging

  • PHONE+ Prepaid

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Illustration by John Mortenson. Cartoon courtesy of the Association of Communications Enterprises

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