Not Necessarily News

Posted: 04/2001

Not Necessarily News

Overheard …

… at CompTel’s 20th Anniversary Convention in Orlando …

you compare what is happening today [because of the Telecom Act of 1996] with
what happened with the long distance market … at the end of the day,
competition will take hold. You can’t stop the operation of the free

–H. Russell Frisby Jr., president, Competitive Communications Association

Putting the Sewers to Good Use

Robots have invaded the sewers in Indianapolis, to lay fiber for CityNet
Telecommunications Inc. (
The use of the computer-driven, mechanical devices, known as S.A.M.s (Sewer
Access Modules), is CityNet’s way of solving the problem of how to connect
individual buildings to fiber optic networks that typically circle around the

The robots allow CityNet to lay its fiber without digging up streets,
disrupting traffic or degrading city life with gridlock and noise. In addition,
the technology enables cities to transform sewers into revenue-generating
assets. By using the sewer system, CityNet gains access to the basements of
thousands of buildings.

Study Shows Inner-City Digital Divide

According to a FleetBoston Financial Corp. (
University of Massachusetts (
report, 56 percent of low- to moderate-income households (defined as those
households making a maximum of $40,000) from the inner-city areas of New York,
New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts have had virtually no exposure to the
Internet. However, the report says that 80 percent of those households are
willing to learn more about the Internet through training.

Illustration: Alternate Channel

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