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I want to thank everybody for welcoming me to the telecom industry. The last couple of months have been extremely challenging, but also surprisingly fun. Many of you have expressed your support and have been exceptionally helpful to me in my new post. I must admit Ive been somewhat amused at the number of comments I have received about how challenging this job will be. Rest assured, I never thought it would be easy. Entering any industry requires effort, but provides a learning experience along with the satisfaction of accomplishment. Interestingly enough, the challenges I face are really no different than the ones coming down the telecom pike.

Dudley is… well Dudley; he has no decision-making ability or authority whatsoever

Tigger, the princess, runs the house; no decisions are made without approval.

The last 90 days have been Telecom Tradeshow Madness, including CompTIAs Breakaway, the Fall 2005 Channel Partners Conference & Expo, The CompTel/ASCENT Convention & Expo (see story on Page 48), TELECOM 05, CTIA, Internet Telephony Expo, WiMAX World, Inteligolf (see story on Page 37), TeleManagement World, TelcoTV and thats only the ones I remember off the top of my head. Needless to say, for me, it has been a fortuitous crash course on the telecom supply chain.

My travel schedule has been so hectic that my normally well-behaved dogs seeking attention, no doubt sought their revenge by destroying my bed. Oh yes, my bed. I dont have a wife or kids, so my dogs, Tigger and Dudley, are the only ones bothered by my schedule. (I want a family when the time is right but, of course that requires me to be home for a least a few days in a row.)

I digress. Through all of this jet-setting, I have arrived at the conclusion that theres renewed excitement in all levels of telecom. The industry is growing, and business is being done. It may not be the same old telecom, but its an industry rejuvenated by many new opportunities.

To capitalize on these changes, PHONE+ is mixing it up. Our upcoming Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas (see story on Page 14) will have a track dedicated to wireless dealers. We are also going to offer a trial session for our CSP Certification program. These classes typically run $149 per session, but we are allowing you to play before you pay because were confident youll want to be certified once you see the value firsthand.

Within PHONE+s pages, youll see additional coverage on data network services and premises equipment. This doesnt mean we wont be covering the traditional voice business; we are just expanding to include articles about additional opportunities. Next month, PHONE+ will have a new look and some new features. Trust me when I tell you it looks amazing. I await your feedback. Contact me at, or by phone at +1 480 990 1101, ext. 1666.

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