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iPass Inc. plans to buy rival remote access service provider GoRemote Internet Communications Inc. in a $76.5 million deal that is expected to close this quarter. iPass primarily targets users such as salespeople and business travelers, while GoRemote focuses on remote workers and retailers. In the past year, iPass also has bought Mobile Automation, maker of software that manages and protects enterprise mobile and remote devices, and Safe3w, a developer of access control technologies.

VoIP Inc. is using Acme Packets Net-Net session border controllers to provision wholesale VoIP services over its VoiceOne network. The controllers have been installed in multiple VoiceOne PoPs throughout the United States. They interconnect the public networks and data centers of VoIP Inc.s service provider customers to the private VoiceOne network. The devices provide security functions including access control, network topology hiding and DoS protection against signaling and media attacks, and overloads.

Minutes trader Arbinet-thexchange Inc. has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against World-Link Telecom Inc. in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of New York. Arbinet claims World-Link has infringed on three of its U.S. patents regarding the trading of telecommunications capacity. Arbinet has asked the court to stop World-Link from using the technology and also to award monetary damages. World-Link could not be reached for comment. The company has been trying to sell its assets including its facilities and wholesale minutes to investors since February 2005.

Oh, What a Unified Web We Weave …

The coalition of fixed WISPs that calls itself the SkyWeb Alliance has added another provider to its roster. Gatespeed Broadband Inc. has joined the California-based unified wireless network, and adds coverage in the San Francisco Bay area.

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SkyWeb now covers most of California.

The SkyWeb Alliance was started in March 2003 by NextWeb Inc. Other members include RedWire, SkyRiver Communications Inc., Color Broadband Inc., NextPhase Wireless Inc. and West Coast Communications LLC.

As part of membership, the WISPs have a reciprocal agreement with NextWeb to purchase capacity on their respective networks at wholesale rates, and develop joint marketing and sales efforts for fixed-wireless services.

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