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Cable MSO RCN Business Solutions will use wireless network extensions from First Avenue Networks to expand the market for its bulk tripleplay services to more large-business customers, while offering network redundancy. In return, RCN is offering First Avenue access to its fiber links, to support wholesale backhaul service for fixed-wireless and mobile carriers. Provided trials are successful, First Avenue will equip RCN with wireless extensions to its fiber network at up to 155mbps.

SAVVIS Inc., a hosted managed network and computing services providers, is using FiberNet Telecom Group Inc.s transport, metro Ethernet and network technologies. FiberNet provides interconnection services including custom-designed private networks, low-latency Ethernet networks, integrated colocation facilities and diverse transport routes.

Network services provider WV Fiber is using Hibernia Atlantics network to provide two OC48-level services from New York to London to connect with LINX, Europes largest exchange point. WV Fiber says it already has added more than 125 peers and is sending more than two GigEs of traffic over Hibernia Atlantics network since turning up the circuit to London. Hibernia Atlantic owns and operates the only direct transAtlantic cable route from the United States and Canada to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Internap Network Services Corp. is using FiberNet Telecom Group Inc. to provide lowlatency metro Ethernet transport services throughout Los Angeles, New Jersey and New York. FiberNet designed a suite of services for Internap that includes both switched and dedicated forms of Ethernet connections. With one port on FiberNets Ethernet network, VLAN circuits can be configured to create pointto- point or multipoint-to-multipoint connections for hub, VLAN or VPN networks.

If It Aint Broke …

The new AT&T unveiled its corporate logo, which alters the former companys recognizable globe by making it threedimensional, adding transparent strips and making AT&T lowercase.

Having made the right calls on the name and logo, to meddle with such an iconic logo seems odd to us, says Ovum Research Director Mike Cansfield.

Nevertheless, customer bills included the new AT&T logo on envelopes beginning in December, and it will be on bill statements starting in February.

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