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Wholesale service provider Pac-West Telecomm Inc. has joined VoIP Inc. subsidiary VoiceOne Communications Carrier Direct Program. By joining VoiceOnes Carrier Direct Program, Pac-West has another way to provide IP-to-TDM mediation service to its service provider customers because VoiceOne outfits carriers with softswitches and media gateways. The deal goes both ways, though, since VoiceOne is buying Pac-Wests VoiceSource services, including PSTN On Ramp and Network Database Services.

Progress Telecom LLC has deployed a wireless last-mile solution offering point-to-point or point-to-multipoint Ethernet to wholesale customers serving the Orlando area. Proximiti Communications Inc. is the first service provider to use the product and will serve its MDU clients. The product offers 1.5mbps, 3mbps and 5mbps Ethernet circuits and is targeted primarily at service providers offering Internet and VoIP services to commercial and residential clients. The wireless solution allows Progress Telecom to offer a more granular access solution that leverages the depth of its fiber network in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. The Progress Telecom wireless last-mile solution is currently offered in Orlando from five PoPs in office buildings and carrier hotels.

InfiniRoute Networks Inc. has unveiled VoIP Direct, giving Tier 1 carriers connections to carriers in emerging global markets such as Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Latin America. InfiniRoute says VoIP Direct provides transparent VoIP peering over one connection. The new service uses the latest releases of InfiniRoutes Routing and VoIP Optimization Engines, which ensure that VoIP traffic over the public Internet is equal to or better than the existing PSTN, the company says.

FiberNet Telecom Group Inc. has launched Phonomenum, an ENUM-based technology platform that enables carriers, cable operators and VoIP service providers to establish peering connections and exchange VoIP traffic. Phonomenum is available at the FiberNet 60 Hudson St. Meet-Me-Room and uses FiberNets network infrastructure, facilities and capacity to interconnect more than 650 service providers.

Con Edison Communications (CEC), a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison Inc., says it continues to expand its network reach, revenue and customer base. The company recently completed network expansion through New Yorks Staten Island as well as a ring in Connecticut, connecting Greenwich and Stamford to CECs network. The CEC network now serves 192 buildings with more than 564 route miles of fiber-optic cable in the New York metro area.

FiberLight LLC, formerly known as Xspedius Fiber Group, has introduced new product line LightSource that provides FiberLight customers with private fiber interface for DS3 through OC192 and GigE capacity. The family of LightSource services sets up a private network for each customer on non-shared equipment and exclusive fiber architecture. FiberLight installs the fiber and equipment and provides the customer with the choice of managing the equipment or having the equipment managed by FiberLight. Additionally, FiberLight can install, manage and provide training to the customer. The equipment and the fiber are turned over to the customer at the end of the term.

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