News Briefs

Posted: 08/2000

News Briefs

* Williams Communications ( will provide switched-voice services on its nationwide fiber optic network to Norstar Communications
(, a privately held long-distance voice and Internet service provider. The multimillion dollar contract calls for Williams to provide switched-voice minutes to Norstar over a three-year period. The agreement also allows Norstar to privately brand services from Williams’ portfolio of value-added voice services, including a full range of 1+, switched and dedicated, as well as operator and directory services, calling card, toll-free and international calling. Williams also will introduce enhanced services, such as prepaid calling cards, VoIP and voice-activated calling cards.

* Martin Dawes Systems
( has agreed to provide a turnkey solution for customer care and billing to clients of the Sprint PCS
( Private Label Services program, a distribution channel for wireless resale. Under the Private Label Services program, the reseller’s customers will have access to PCS service anywhere on the Sprint PCS nationwide network, serving more than 330 major metropolitan areas.

* Innofone Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Innofone.Com Inc.
(, has become a key Canadian reseller of cellular telecommunications products and services under a three-year deal with Rogers AT&T Wireless
( Rogers AT&T Wireless will provide wireless communications products and services for Innofone’s branded loyalty programs, which offer long-distance, cellular, Internet and home security services.

* Williams Communications
( has established an Internet services group within its network business unit. The group–led by Bill
Cornog, vice president of IP services–will use Williams’ fiber network to create a next-generation IP core network. The group, expected to have a staff of 125, also will begin a phased introduction of IP-based, value-added services for communications providers.

* Net2000 Communications Inc.
(, an ICP, and Level 3 Communications Inc.
(, a communications and information services company, have entered into an agreement that will provide Net2000 with more than 7,300 miles of OC-12 and OC-3 broadband transport capacity. Under terms of the agreement, Level 3 will provide high-capacity backbone fiber facilities for Net2000’s integrated voice, data and video network
buildout. Level 3’s fiber optic network will offer phased-in capacity, migrating from initial DS-3 service up to an eventual OC-12 connectivity between Net2000’s ICP gateways.

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