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Wholesale provider Norlight Telecommunications Inc. is expanding its 3,800- mile network. The company says it is activating optical fibers along the Central Illinois corridor to improve telecommunications access and reliability for its wholesale customers. The 347- mile network expansion will establish points of presence in Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign and Danville, Ill. The project should be completed by the fourth quarter of this year.

Managed voice services provider Band-X has installed the NexTone Communications iView Management System (iVMS) so it can better manage its carrier-to-carrier VoIP interconnects. Band-X, based in the United Kingdom, says the iVMS also is making it possible for the provider to expand its offerings to include a new managed VoIP session controller partition service. The iVMS is a network management tool for provisioning, troubleshooting and analyzing carriers’ VoIP traffic in real time. It also enables partitioning of NexTone’s Multiprotocol Session Controller, which Band-X uses to sell hosted VoIP services.

BellSouth Corp. now offers U.S. carrier customers international wholesale directory assistance for Canada and Puerto Rico. The offering lets carriers provide services including national directory assistance, enhanced directory assistance and international directory assistance, along with the ability to bill end users for separate types of calls. The new service is designed to help carriers improve customer service and retain customers, BellSouth says.

Global Internetworking Inc., a wholesale service provider, has rolled out its new suite of private-line data transport conversion and hubbing solutions, termed GateWay Hub and Multi-Hub. The company says the technologies will reduce costs for international telecommunications carriers and service providers. The new hubbing service requires only one connection arranged through Global Internetworking, the company says. Customers are able to add capacity as needed, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

TransNexus Inc., an OSS/BSS provider, and VoIP equipment provider Veraz Networks say their technologies now are interoperable. Veraz says combining the TransNexus OSS/BSS platform into its products gives wholesale VoIP carriers a complete packet telephony solution for secure, multilateral peering. The TransNexus OSS/BSS contains features including least cost routing, quality of service routing and wholesale credit controls. Public key infrastructure features enforce secure access control peering. The system also performs traffic analysis and currency settlement rating.

Westcoast Communications, a provider of high-speed wireless Internet and data services in California, has joined the SkyWeb Alliance, a coalition of fixed-wireless broadband providers in the Golden State that works to expand coverage areas and complete joint RFPs with wireless broadband equipment vendors. One of the state’s largest fixed-wireless ISPs for businesses, NextWeb, started the alliance in 2003. Each company will offer the other capacity on their respective networks at wholesale rates, and help each other with sales and marketing. Other members of the SkyWeb Alliance include RedWire, SkyRiver Communications, Color Broadband and First Universe.

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