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ITC^DeltaCom Inc. is scrapping plans to merge with Florida Digital Network Communications Inc. (FDN). The mutual agreement means ITC^DeltaCom does not plan to merge with Network Telephone Corp. because the agreement was contingent on the FDN merger closing. ITC^DeltaCom did not reveal why it is terminating the agreement with FDN. In September, ITC^DeltaCom announced plans to merge with FDN and NT Corp., the parent company of Network Telephone, in stock agreements. At the time, ITC^DeltaCom said the combined company was expected to generate about $800 million in annual revenue, serve approximately 120,000 business customers in 45 southeastern markets and support 635,000 retail voice lines.

TelCove, a service provider targeting carriers, has added higher bandwidth products - OC192 and 10G wavelength services - to its metro, intercity and wave services lines. The company also is offering storage networking connections that support multiple protocols for transporting data communications. TelCove offers Fibre Channel, Enterprise Systems Connectivity, Fiber Connectivity and Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex - technologies that simulate channel connectivity among computer devices.

Wholesale service provider Volo Communications Inc. says VoIP designer and manufacturer WorldACCXX has passed all of Volos interoperability tests, making it an approved supplier of customer premises end-point devices. WorldACCXX’s analog telephone adaptor (TA-x00) VoIP products target businesses and residences.

Equinix Inc., provider of networkneutral data centers and Internet exchange services, has signed a long-term lease for an additional 103,000 square feet of data center space in San Jose, Calif., close to the company’s two other Internet Business Exchange (IBX) centers. The expansion, done through the purchase of assets and the assumption of an existing data center lease from AboveNet, adds approximately 2,000 cabinets. It also increases Equinix’s Silicon Valley footprint to approximately 400,000 square feet, augmenting the company’s global footprint to approximately 1.4 million square feet. Equinix plans to begin placing new customers in the center as of March 1, 2005.

Conversent Communications LLC and FiberNet LLC announced Jan. 4 plans to merge in a stock agreement, creating a combined company supporting 51,000 customers, 300,000 local access lines and revenue of $205 million. The companies expect the merger to be completed in March. Conversent, of Marlborough, Mass., and Charleston, W.Va.- based FiberNet say they will retain their respective brand identities in the markets they serve.

CRG West, which operates the colocation facility at 1 Wilshire in Los Angeles, has forged an alliance with HKCOLO in Hong Kong to take on projects and missions to better serve their clients. CRG West says the companies’ sites cover most of the carriers in Asia, the west and east coasts of North America and South America. HKCOLO executives say the opportunity gives their company a chance to expand opportunities for their customers as well.


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