Posted: 1/2004


Progress Telecom and EPIK
say they plan to merge, creating a
larger wholesale carrier in the Southeast. Progress Energy, the parent company
of Progress Telecom, will own 55 percent of the merged entity, the companies
say. Telecom investment firm Odyssey Telecorp Inc., EPIKs parent
company, will own the remaining interest. Odyssey Telecorp will oversee
operations and lead integration of the companies.

Progress Telecom sells bandwidth to local phone companies, Internet
providers, wireless operators and other telecommunications providers over an
8,230-route-mile network spanning 60 cities from New York to south Florida. EPIK
also sells wholesale services to telecom companies over a southeastern regional

Qwest Communications
International Inc.
announced an amended agreement to
buy assets from bankrupt Touch America Holdings Inc. and 360networks
to extend its high-speed data network and support hundreds of
medium-sized and large business customers buying frame relay and ATM services.
Qwest has agreed to purchase switches and other network gear for $1 million, an
IRU on Touch Americas network for $8 million and billing credits valued at $3
million, says Qwest spokeswoman Claire Maledon. Qwest has received government
authority to provide long-distance services within its 14-state local phone
territory stretching from Minnesota to Washington.

Equinix Inc. has
announced the expansion of its GigE Exchange service facilitating ISP and
content peering to its Singapore Internet Business Exchange center. Microsoft
is the first customer to use the service for Southeast Asia.

SAVVIS Communications Corp. will
use the New Edge Networks Inc. backbone to extend the national reach of
the SAVVIS Intelligent IP Network. Initially, New Edge will provide SAVVIS
broadband DSL reach into about 1,600 new central offices in metropolitan
areas and 360-plus small cities and towns. SAVVIS also will make use of New Edges
multiservice network and New Edges existing intercarrier agreements with
other broadband providers.

Level 3 Communications Inc. is
supplying network services to BT Americas Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of BT
, one of Europes providers of information and communications
technology services.

The agreement stipulates BT will use Level 3s new (3)Hub Private Line and
(3)Center Colocation services to expand its MPLS backbone in the Americas. BT
will roll out new MPLS nodes in 15 new cities. (3) Hub Private Line is a self-service
private line that lets users provision, upgrade and manage their metropolitan
and long-haul circuits on an as-needed, pay-asyou- go basis.

T-Systems International plans
to increase the capacity of the North American element of its international
network, Telekom Global Net, with the LambdaUnite MultiService Switch (MSS),
from Lucent Technologies. By upgrading the current 2.5gbps network with the
LambdaUnite MSS, TSystems says it will be able to quadruple the capacity of its
North American network to a full-coverage 10gbps network.

360networks Corp.
BT plc
Deutsche Telekom
EPIK Communications
Equinix Inc.
Level 3 Communications Inc.
Lucent Technologies
New Edge Networks Inc.
Odyssey Telecorp Inc.
Progress Telecom
Qwest Communications International Inc.
SAVVIS Communications Inc.
Singapore Internet Business Exchange
Touch America Holdings Inc.
T-Systems International

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