Posted: 11/2003


Voicecom launched
Spanish prompts for its wholesale voice mail offerings, targeted to CLECs. By
adding Spanish prompts to its service, Voicecom is helping its CLEC partners
extend their market potential to about 40 million people, says the company.

Voicecoms voice mail service provides a digital mailbox to
capture voice messages from multiple phones, including wireline or wireless.
Voicecom also offers the ability to send a copy of the voice mail message to the
subscribers e-mail address.

Netifice Communications Inc. expanded
its three-year resale agreement with Covad Communications Group Inc.,
enabling Netifice to provide private networking for its IP VPN solutions. The companies also have increased their network and operations
integration. The Netifice and Covad network connectivity enables Netifice to
route traffic directly from a customer site to distinct MPLS routing domain to
create a unique private network. Netifice says this provides increased protection over
traditional routing methods because data is hidden from all other network
traffic. Netifice also simplifies customers network management by allowing
them to use their own private IP addressing even when traffic flows over
multiple shared networks. Netifice and Covad have electronically bonded their
backoffice systems for NOC-to-NOC customer support.

AT&T Corp. introduced
high-speed Internet service to consumers in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland
and Virginia. It has collaborated with Covad Communications Group Inc. to provide DSL through a line-splitting arrangement.
The AT&T standard DSL plan costs $19.95 for the first
three months and $39.95 a month afterwards. The preferred plan is $49.95 a month, and consumers that
choose this plan receive a $20 discount off the regular price for the first
three months.

Level 3 Communications Inc. launched
a wholesale, enhanced wide area Ethernet data networking service in the United
States and Europe. The carrier will market the (3)Flex Ethernet to service
providers and to enterprises through channel partners. (3)Flex Ethernet, which replaces the companys (3)Packet
service, offers customers secure LAN-to-WAN data transmission to and from more
than 75 major markets in the United States and Europe. It is based on MPLS, a
technology that provides network security while maintaining protocol

Digital voice provider Vonage Holdings Corp. announced
Coldwater Board of Public Utilities (CBPU) will deploy its broadband
telephony service to several thousand cable television passings in Coldwater,
Mich. CBPU will offer the full range of Voyages portfolio.

The offer includes Voyages Premium Unlimited residential
local and long-distance calling plan for $39.99 per month, the Small Business
Unlimited and Small Business Basic plans, and the Unlimited Local/Regional
residential plan.

The plans will be co-branded with CBPU and Vonage and will
include standard calling features like call waiting and caller ID, and
value-added features.

Integrated communications provider PowerNet Global partnered
with JetStream Broadband Inc. to deliver dedicated Internet services to
small and medium enterprises in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. The services will be
available via PNG agents. The resale arrangement will allow PNG to deliver
384Kbps to 1.5 Mbps service to about 350 secondary markets nationwide.

AT&T Corp.
Coldwater Board of Public Utilities
Covad Communications Group Inc.
Level 3 Communications Inc.
Netifice Communications Inc.
Vonage Holdings Corp.
PowerNet Global

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