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Wholesaler Intelliverse unveiled its new company name and its new service, Talking Planet, a private-label VoIP service for CLECs, hosting companies and other communication VARs. Intelliverse was formed from the combination of Voicecom Telecommunications LLC, a 20-year veteran of the telecommunications industry providing IVR products for the business-to-business market, and iNuntius Inc., a SIP VoIP and unified communication software developer which Voicecom acquired in November 2005. Talking Planet is Intelliverses first offering combining Internet phone and video communications service with IP technology and unified communications.

College and university-oriented MVNO XE Mobile will deploy MobileSphere Ltd.s CarrierILD solution to enable low-cost direct-dial international wireless calling for its customers. In turn, MobileSphere will resell XE Mobile services and phones to more than 20 major universities through portals where it offers long-distance and other services.

ILD Telecommunications Inc., a company founded in 1996 as a switchless reseller of longdistance services, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. After a decade of service, ILD now provides operator services, billing services, prepaid calling services and conferencing as autonomous divisions. To celebrate its Decade of Excellence, ILD is offering a referral program, which pays customers 10 percent of any 10 leads that generate new business.

Look, Ma! No VoIP Equipment

Wholesale provider RNKVoIP introduced VoIP2Go, a new service available for resale, which enables users to make VoIP calls from virtually any phone, including cellular and wireline devices. VoIP2Go customers will be able to change on the fly to any phone they wish using an online application.

With VoIP2Go, RNK has eliminated the No. 1 obstacle VoIP users worldwide face every day the need for equipment, says RNKVoIP CEO and President Richard N. Koch. A VoIP2Go customer will be able to make virtually unlimited calls to any location in the United States from any phone they can get their hands on, including their cell phone, their home phone or their friends phone.

In creating VoIP2Go, RNKVoIP developed a solution that connects a phone call from any traditional telephony system to RNKVoIPs VoIP network.

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