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Posted: 12/2003

new products


Versatel’s new migration center

Versatel Networks Inc., which provides switching platforms for prepaid
service providers, has unveiled the Versatel Networks Service Bureau Migration
Partners program.

The company says the program pairs prepaid service providers looking to move
from a service bureau to an ownership model with a network of business services.
These include turnkey legal services required to get both state licenses and FCC
214 approvals; one-stop shopping for carriers on VoIP or TDM, nationally and
globally; procurement of colocation facilities in North America; global installation
and deployment services; and lease financing, tailored to customer requirements
and financial circumstances.

The first Versatel Networks Migration Partners include Swidler Berlin Shereff
Friedman LLP, AurorA International Telecommunications Inc., Inc., Interaqt, Allstate Capital, EasyLease Corp. and Compro Technologies
Inc. Each of these partners provides a service that complements Versatels
product offering, enabling Versatel to make a sale and help their own businesses
in the process, says a company spokesperson.

The company says it wants to deliver a complete set of solutions required to
deploy prepaid services on owned facilities.

Our customers told us they need expert advice and assistance in building a
business with their own switch, says Joseph Nardi, vice president of sales at
Versatel Networks. Owning your own facility can lead to high margins in the
prepaid market. Our service bureau migration partners simplify the process of
getting started with this model.

The company also recently opened its Migration Center, a facility for testing
new voice services on its Service Creation Switch (SCS) platform and putting
them on the market more quickly.

The advanced architecture of the SCS and the high-quality support services
provided by Versatel made the process of porting the DCXs many advanced VoIP
and TDM features both faster and easier than other switch ports we have done in
the past, says Grant Simpson, president of SSP, a service provider using the
equipment to deploy prepaid services.

The Versatel Migration Center serves as the porting, performance optimization
and consulting branch of Versatel Networks. The center helps application
developers create products more quickly by providing Nitro porting, extreme
stress and octane performance labs.

23679 Calabasas Road., Suite 244
Calabasas, CA 91302
+1 818 591 8939


EZRewards LLC, which specializes in
multifunctional point-of-sale terminals, has unveiled an electronic PIN
distribution system.

EZRewards is a multifaceted solution that helps distributors expand their
market share and open new markets, and the addition of our PIN distribution
system is the next logical step, explains Rubenstein. Because of our
background in the prepaid telecom industry, we understand the needs of
distributors and have worked to combine exciting new product offerings that can
be delivered through a single POS terminal, making it easier for distributors to
do what they do best: Sell.

The company says the technology, through which distributors can deliver PINs
to their retail stores for prepaid services and EZRewards loyalty and gift card
programs, makes it easier for distributors to manage their prepaid inventories.

Retailers dont want numerous terminals cluttering up their counter and
taking up valuable marketing space, notes EZRewards CEO Mark Rubenstein. By
adding a PIN distribution system to our existing suite of products, we enable
them to handle numerous point-of-sale transactions through a single terminal.

407 West Main Street
Endicott, NY 13760
+1 888 619 7979


Developers at Virtual Back Office Software Inc. have released
VBOSS PREPAID, a new module for the Web-based back-office solution, VBOSS

VBOSS PRE-PAID addresses the needs of telecom companies that sell services on
a prepaid basis, often into the credit challenged markets, says the company.
When capturing an order, the new software module automatically pulls down the
Customer Service Record (CSR) from the ILEC, or verifies the address and the
service availability if the customer does not have an active CSR. If a new phone
number is required, VBOSS has the ability to automatically acquire one.

The system applies the receipt of payments, suspends customers who do not
renew their service and cancels service if the customer has not paid within a
defined grace period. Sending of proposal letters, renewal letters and bills,
and the tracking of payment progress is also automated.

41 Winter Street, Suite 301
Boston, MA 02108
+1 617 338 3111



IP Unity Corp., a provider of media server platforms for
voice and video applications, and Gallery IP Telephony Inc., a provider of cable
multimedia softswitching platforms, have completed interoperability testing
between IP Unitys unified messaging, audio/Web conferencing and prepaid
services applications, and Gallery IP Telephonys CAss-iopeia softswitch. The combined technology targets cable companies as they roll out cable
telephony services, the company says.

The joint Gallery IP Telephony and IP Unity prepaid calling platform allows
cable operators to track usage and bill in real time, offering subscribers a
prepaid option. The messaging suite offers standard voice mail features with a familiar
interface, but subscribers also can choose to integrate voice mail with e-mail,
to receive voice messages as .wav files in their email inboxes and access
e-mails through a telephone using IP Unitys text-to-speech technology. IP Unitys conferencing technology uses the media servers digital signal
mixing and quality monitoring to ensure that only the three strongest signals
are carried on the conference bridge, which the company says dramatically
improves sound quality. Subscribers also can use the Web interface during the
conference call to access additional features such as Microsoft PowerPoint slide
sharing and text messaging.

117 Achuza St.
Raanana 43000, Israel
+972 9 774 7011

475 Sycamore Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035
+1 408 582 1100

AurorA International Telecommunications Inc.
Compro Technologies Inc.
EasyLease Corp.
EZRewards LLC
Gallery IP Telephony Inc.
Interaqt Corp.
IP Unity Corp.
Providential Holdings Inc.
Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman LLP
Versatel Networks Inc.

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