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Cellebrite UME-36 Transfers Phonebooks, Multimedia Content

Cellebrite USA Inc. released UME-36, the latest version of its Universal Memory Exchanger, which now allows wireless dealers to transfer not only users phonebooks, but pictures, videos, ringtones, MP3s and short messaging service logs from one cell phone to another.

The UME-36 guarantees mobile phone users will not lose their personal content when they are upgrading phones or changing carriers, explains Adi Ofrat, CEO of Cellebrite. The retailers objective is activations, he says. Sometimes a dealbreaker is not being able to transfer the information.

It also can be used to back up a mobile devices content to a USB flash drive or a remote server that enables content restoration in case of loss, damage or theft.

Dealers can charge customers $15 to $25, or up to $30 for business users, for the service and easily can earn an extra $10,000 or more per year. The device is available from Cellebrite for $1,000.

More than 20,000 retail locations currently use earlier versions of the UME technology; three quarters are mobile operator company stores, Ofrat says.

Cellebrite UME-36 supports 90 percent of all cell phones in the United States, for all carriers and across all technologies (GSM, CDMA, iDEN/Nextel and legacy TDMA). The UME-36 also supports smart phones and PDAs, including RIM (Blackberry), Microsoft Mobile, Palm and Symbian. Automatic software updates for new handsets are available through an intelligent update tool that resides on a central server or the stores computer.

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