NEC-Intermedia Partnership: Execs Explain Their Cloud PBX Team-Up


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NICE inContact as their contact center technology. So, for NEC, it was important to them to have technology that wasn’t a bunch of different companies coming together. Having it as one-stop and tightly integrated was really important, and we offer that.

CP: I see you’re offering phones from Poly, Yealink and NEC. Why not just NEC?

MH: Just for speed. We have partners that are asking to turn up this service immediately. They want to sell it today. They’re thrilled, they’re excited, they’re ready to go to market. They want to sell it through NEC because they do all their business through NEC today. They want to leverage the channel enablement programs like our smart partner program for rebates and our coop program.

MG: Whenever we work with a new phone manufacturer, there’s some work to do to get the phones to work right with the product — and so that will be done in June.

CP: What NEC handsets are you offering?

MH: It’s the NEC SIP terminals that we’ve been taking to market.

CP: What percentage of customers do you see using handsets, considering many millennials in the workforce are content using their softphones or mobile devices if they can?

MG: I will tell you that for the Intermedia base, most people still use the physical phone. However, with the pandemic and remote work, I think you’re going to see a huge shift in that because now people realize that this stuff is really powerful. We track the usage of the different features of our product, and the usage of the true UCaaS features has gone through the roof since early March. I’m sure all of our competitors will tell you the same thing. I’m confident that when people get back to the office, they’re going to prefer this form of communication.

CP: What Intermedia software integrations will carry over to the NEC offering?

MG: All of  those integrations carry over to the NEC relationship. We have a variety of all the popular SaaS apps including Office 365 G Suite, file syncing/sharing and backup solutions. It’s deeply integrated in Office and G Suite. We also have integrations with all the popular CRM applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk and ServiceNow and we’ve integrated with Teams and Slack. And then we have integrations with specific platforms such as ConnectWise and Autotask to make it easier for partners who use them for their professional services billing support.

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