MSPs Must Help IT, Finance ‘Share the Responsibility’ for Hybrid Cloud, Business Success

…on-premises hardware is key to realizing how finance can achieve significant savings by hybridizing the infrastructure environments.

Being the bridge between IT and finance is a challenging task, as IT often reports to finance. However, keeping finance involved in the cloud migration/hybridization process within the enterprise keeps the dialogue going and prevents finance from feeling ambushed when they get a large infrastructure bill out of the blue. Partnering with them to maximize the benefits of the on-premises infrastructure and adding in the cloud makes for a much less complicated conversation.

Share the responsibility. Both sides have to realize that both departments share the responsibility for the business success. Balancing that between taking advantage of technology and being fiscally responsible is a shared burden.

CP: What are some of the hardest parts of monitoring hybrid clouds for usage and expenses tracking?

PP: The current landscape of cloud providers, and the tendency of most organizations to leverage more than one cloud provider, produces an inherent difficulty in tracking usage and spending. While new tools are coming to the market to handle this issue, it is still early and there are many holes left to fill.

CP: How can a combination of strong software and strong relationships lighten the load of hybrid cloud usage and expenses tracking?

PP: By providing a single pane of glass. This allows the business to view its on-premises infrastructure, cloud environment, and usage and cost, so that the barriers to relevant and rapid decision-making are lowered considerably.

CP: What do you want attendees to come away with from your presentation?

PP: To come away understanding that solving this fairly universal issue of hybrid cloud and finance is one that begins with communication, education and collaboration. The business world’s journey toward digital transformation is not one that is solely led by IT or governed by finance, but a destination that both must seek together.

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