MSP: Why Resell When You Can Own?

ConferenceFlow, a division of service provider Powercom, is turning up the heat on conferencing companies by enabling anyone to get into the facilities-based conferencing business with its new managed service.

“The ConferenceFlow automated solution provides entrepreneurs with the ability to earn more money than their competitors because there are no technicians to hire or manage as these services are provided at no cost,” a press statement reads.

This is for “anybody who wants to go into business,” Herb Levitin, president of Powercom, says in an interview with PHONE+. Owners can then sell ConferenceFlow through agents and end users. “Throw us a logo and $2,500…and get a dedicated toll-free number…[and your] own Web page,” Levitin says. “We host all that stuff.”

ConferenceFlow provides a Spectel bridge colocated in Powercom’s ConferenceGate Las Vegas facility and a Linux-based Web server with credit card processing, billing, real-time caller ID and dial-out Web-based software. Other ConferenceFlow features include technical staff to replace boards and reset or configure systems, and redundant carriers for reliability.

In addition to private-label help desk support, ConferenceFlow also provides the licensing for all software, including Webbased user interfaces and billing software.

The company does not commit to particulars when it comes to a return on investment, but its Web site states: “In general, if you have conference volume greater than 85,000 minutes a month, you will be cash flow positive from day one.” Powercom also offers to conduct an ROI and payback period analysis for potential buyers.

“[It’s] building your own brand, building your own equity,” Levitin says.

The company further promotes its offering as a way for entrepreneurs to build their own sales networks by enabling agents to resell services using a private-label Web site that tracks sign-ups, credit card billing, usage and call log activity.

ConferenceFlow targets salespeople able to employ their own agents and people who have little telecommunications expertise but have business knowledge. The company provides training geared to the sales representative’s level of expertise.



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