Millennials: Talkin’ ‘Bout Y Generation


The millennial generation is a hot topic in business circles, but our newly formed Channel NX2Z aims to bridge the gap between baby boomers, Gen Xers and their younger counterparts through cross-mentorship, education and recruitment.

The group will host its Workforce of the Future Symposium Wednesday, Oct. 10, at Channel Partners Evolution. A panel of industry leaders  — including Hilary Gadda of TPx Communications, Jason Bystrak of eFolder and Tiffani Bova of Salesforce — will dish out career advice for people of all ages.

In anticipation of the event, we’ve reached out to several up-and-coming millennials from the recently assembled Channel NX2Z board of directors:

  • Sunandini Verma, founder of Amrev Media, a Canadian firm that offers app development, marketing consulting and web design.
  • Dante White, senior channel manager with the unified communications provider RingCentral.
  • Bryan Reynolds, director of post sales for TBI, the Chicago-based master agent.
  • Aaron Leveston, national account manager with RingCentral and the co-founder of Channel NX2Z.

 Channel Partners: Every generation has its stereotypes. Do you have a horror story of people making assumptions about you?

Amrev Media's Sunandini Verma

Amrev Media’s Sunandini Verma

Sunandni Verma: This happens to me all the time. I’ve had people ask me my age before giving me a project. Luckily, I always turn it around with technology and marketing strategies from new and innovative perspectives, but the reality is, it’s unfair to even ask my age. I’ve heard “no” many times because of my age. A part of why I started my own business was so I didn’t have to prove myself or have to break through the resistance of people older than me.

TBI's Bryan Reynolds

TBI’s Bryan Reynolds

Bryan Reynolds: I was presenting in front of a C-level executive at a provider, and before I could start, they stated how young I was to the entire room and made several side comments about my experience. I believe it was all in good fun, but the rest of the presentation was then not taken seriously. I’ve since been able to control a meeting/presentation, but it was a good learning opportunity for me.

CP: We’ve seen various statistics about the channel “aging out.” Do you feel that the industry is getting younger? How does that compare to the larger tech industry?

Aaron Leveston: Yes, I do see the industry getting younger. However, by comparison it doesn’t seem to be happening as fast as the rest of the tech industry at large. I believe this has much more to do with the lack of overall recruitment and engagement by the channel with the younger generations. It seems the recurring theme is that most younger workers’ channel involvement came by way of accident.

Reynolds: I absolutely have seen the industry getting younger. The channel that we play in is centered exclusively on technology, and technology is advancing at a faster rate than ever before. The generation that is coming into the channel is more adept at …

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