Microsoft’s Gavriella Schuster Leads the Channel Into 2018


… in new devices and new device form factors around IoT, and even the modern workplace as a service — enabling customers to work in new ways and enabling new opportunities for the technology to work within customer businesses.

The only limitation for the technology is imagination. It’s a great time, a great opportunity, and also requires a great deal of creative thinking.

CP: What are the key areas of focus for Microsoft in 2018?

GS: The key areas of focus for us are around the modern workplace and helping customers to unlock their own digital transformation. We see that about empowering employees, which for us is all about giving them new ways of working, new ways of communicating and collaborating — that’s the modern workplace.

[It’s] business applications, helping customers rethink how they run their business[es] and optimize their operations. [It’s] helping them see how they can optimize using cloud services with our business applications for new field service operations, customer service and sales.

[It’s] apps and infrastructure, which is about utilizing the scale of the cloud platform, the hybrid platform with our new Azure Stack, which enables them to seamlessly move between their own data center and the cloud, and enables them to unlock their data in new ways. Then, [it’s] all of the new applications that we’re working on with our ISVs to bring that on the same platform.

Also, what I was talking about before – data and artificial intelligence – and the ability to unlock the data that has been stored in so many places around the organization. Helping them rethink what business they’re in and helping them rethink the ways they do predictive analytics across the organization and get insights into their customers and their own financials.

CP: Anything you’d like to add, to say to readers?

GS: There’s never been a better time to be a Microsoft partner. The investments that we’ve made in helping partners to build their business, the investments to help them build their specialization, their differentiation, their go-to-market. The level of profitability is higher than ever. The opportunity and the market are higher than ever because now we’re focused on helping customers unlock new product areas and move from the back office to the front office.

It’s a very exciting time, it’s lots of fun and Microsoft is all-in to support our customers.

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