Microsoft’s Gavriella Schuster: Channel Influencer of the Year

2018 Channel Influencer

… Microsoft Partner Network podcast, “Building an Authentic Career” (see below), Schuster discussed other factors to which she attributes her success, such as understanding that no one person can do it all and that you need to bring others to your vision because, collectively, you can make something more powerful.

In other words, don’t fall in love with your own ideas or think of them as proprietary.

“Contribute, build a vision and then bring other people along, scale through your partners, customers, investors,” she said. “You need backing and support. Over time, you’ll find it’s bigger than yourself.”

And, don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. No problem cannot be overcome, she said. You may just have to redefine the situation. If it still feels off track, you may have to re-examine, and take a few steps back. When necessary, acknowledge that you may have taken a wrong turn.

Finally, take your vision and drive it to execution.

Bottom line, Schuster’s earned the respect of Microsoft’s diverse partner base. Combine that with her long tenure and experience at Microsoft, her stick-to-itiveness when it comes to being authentic, and what she sees as the three constants that anyone, partners included, can use to cultivate leadership skills — think like a customer, understand both the mechanics of how technology works and the real business needs of the customer, and know your strengths and weaknesses and what conditions you need to be successful — and you’ll understand why Microsoft’s global channel chief is our Channel Partners and Channel Futures 2018 Channel Influencer of the Year.

You can hear more from Gavriella Schuster when she presents her keynote speech, “Being Bold: The Next Big Thing,” on Thursday, April 19, at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

Lynn Haber is content director, IT channel, for Channel Futures & Channel Partners.

Twitter: @lynnhaber

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