Mayka Rosales-Peterson: Dedicated to Diversity


Workforce reinvention

… age as well as race, ethnicity and gender.

“The channel now is dealing with so many generations,” she said. “The younger ones don’t know life without Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat.” But some members of the older generation don’t understand — or even like — social media.

“As a millennial, I’m present on LinkedIn, I’m present on social media — that’s what I know. But some colleagues older than me ask, ‘Why are you always on LinkedIn?’ We have to be! It’s a way of life now. You have to be able to relate, to post and to engage.”

“For many people in the channel, it’s a struggle to morph into change, to grow and adapt.”

“I do a lot of work with Xposure, with Kelly McMillan,” said Rosales-Peterson. “And that’s one of things we try to tackle. To open that conversation for younger people that are coming into the channel so that they can have a voice and grow within it.”

“It’s a big focus for us, along with creating more opportunities for people of color,” she said. “Women of color, Hispanics, Asians – everybody – must have a space and a seat at the table.”

Space at the Table

Rosales-Peterson is optimistic that those spaces at the table will open up. “I think it’s a great time for women in general in this country because there’s a lot of change happening,” she said. “There’s a lot of conscious change happening. People are realizing ‘Hey, there’s a problem.’ And they’re doing something.”

She brings that optimism and outlook to her new position on the board.

“What you guys did on the virtual side for the last Channel Partners [Conference & Expo], the amount of conversation and the diversity in general was fantastic and something that we’ve never seen before. That’s what I hope to continue to push as a board member, to make sure that the voices of women are elevated in the channel and find ways that we can still do that on all levels.

“And that goes with the work that I’m doing at the Alliance of Channel Women as well,” she added. “It’s very important to me that people, especially women, have voices in this space, because I know it’s hard for us, and it’s a fight. If I can do that as a board member of one of the top media companies in the channel, I would be so happy.”

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