MasterMinds: The Buzz on Service Bots


…a human customer care agent, a majority of global consumers (55 percent) would prefer to chat with a bot over a human. According to the survey, consumers trust bots for simple tasks such as updating an address or confirming an account balance. For complex inquiries such as correcting a mistake on a bill, consumers would prefer a human to handle the issue.

And even though Americans are used to interacting with digital assistants with names and personalities, such as Siri and Alexa, the research shows that they apparently don’t care whether or not customer care bots have those features. But consumers in other countries do. Close to half of respondents in Germany (45 percent), France (44 percent) and Japan (42 percent) prefer customer service bots with names and personalities. And a friendly personality, as opposed to formal or humorous, is best.

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