Many IoT Devices ‘Pretty Easy’ to Hack

IoT Security

… of the car, “Pay me money or I won’t start it for you.” This would be another wake-up call for the industry.

CP/CF: I understand you’ll be talking about how easy it is to hack into IoT devices.

SH: Unfortunately for a number of devices, it’s pretty easy. Luckily for anything of consequence, it is perhaps not as easy as it might have been. The enterprises we work with are very concerned, very serious about this.

CP/CF: How can channel companies help protect their customers?

SH: It’s a good question. It’s important to realize that we’re all part of the ecosystem. IoT is not an isolated technology but has an impact everywhere. People who are in this space, from developing products to supporting the development, need to think in terms of security.

From a channel partner’s perspective, service providers need to look at their own capabilities. One of the takeaways from the session will be for attendees to want to go back and examine what they’re doing and see what could happen if IoT was attacked. A hacker isn’t just some simplistic person sitting in a basement somewhere but state actors — governments with hundreds of people toiling away at breaking in.

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