Le Vin, Le Beret, Le Laptop, Le Wi-Fi

The small mountain village of Gordes, France, has left the Dark Ages behind. The community, a magnet for actors and entertainers, now is as connected as any modern city, thanks to Firetide Inc. and the Ruralnet project.

The Village of Gordes has been named one of the most beautiful villages of France and receives more than 1.5 million visitors per year, says Maurice Chabert, mayor of Gordes. Many of these clients are individual visitors with strong buying power that require high-speed Internet access. Our Ruralnet project allows the village of Gordes to satisfy this request.

Firetide Inc. specializes in wireless mesh networking and worked with its French partners Transnumeric and Xavier Dalloz Consulting to deploy Wi-Fi throughout the medieval village.

A Daily Visit to E-Mail Hell

Nearly two-thirds of workers surveyed in a recent poll spend from one to three hours per day reading and writing e-mails, and most of that time is spent deciphering poorly written e-mails.

The survey, done by Information Mapping Inc., asked how much time during an average day was wasted reading poorly written e-mails. More than one-third (34 percent) indicated between 30 and 60 minutes; 6 percent said 1 to 3 hours; and 58 percent spend between 0 and 30 minutes.

Common time-wasters included lack of clarity on how to act on the information, disorganized content, missing information, hard-to-find information and missives that are too wordy or lengthy.

The survey included 600 workers representing industries including telecommunications, financial services, government, insurance, consulting and health care.


Our IMS development was so challenging! We had to change every single PowerPoint. It took almost an hour!

Tom Kershaw, vice president of VoIP, Verisign Inc., in an interview at VON in late September, referring to the rash of slideware from vendors who are renaming their existing products and claiming to support IMS architectures.

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