Keys to Help Your Clients with Security and Compliance


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… the facilitator of outside help. An environment audit and penetration test are good ways to understand what risks and vulnerabilities may exist. From there, a prioritized list of actions should be made and addressed.

CP: What are some strategies for businesses to use to get ahead of their regulatory compliance requirements so they can better protect their business and customer data from breaches?

JD: Compliance failures are only a portion of the picture when discussing protecting customer data from breaches. Extensive cloud migrations create nearly as much risk as compliance failures do. Again, in conjunction with compliance audits, outside firms can help companies understand incoming compliance changes, how to best prepare for them, and risk exposure if the business chooses not to adhere to the regulations.

CP: What other advice do you have to make these processes easier, more reliable and more efficient for businesses?

JD: Efficiency is gained primarily by repetition and reinforcement that security is a company priority. Regular training for all employees, and consistent messaging from the executive and security teams throughout the organization are all important. Security should be considered table stakes for doing business. Human error accounts for roughly one-quarter of all data breaches, so the more educated the company and its employees are about data breaches, the lower the risk for a breach to be the result of human error.

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  1. Avatar Luce Trump June 17, 2020 @ 4:13 am

    Security Analytics and expense risk to your business. There is no uncertainty in the fact that managing these with no automation is a real challenge. Nowadays, the increasing utilization of multiple disjointed tools for managing complexity from maintaining compliance to monitor security controls, resolve issues and manage cloud operations results in elevating your business budget and lead it to a downturn.

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