John Marsch

THEN: John Marsch was CEO of TMC California, which was founded in 1982 and built the first digital microwave network to connect area businesses with fiber-optic technology. It provided service to more than 14,000 commercial customers and had 150 employees and seven offices throughout the state. His vision was to be one of the first alternative service providers to break up the AT&T monopoly in long-distance.

NOW: Marsch, who died in May 2006, left behind a profitable, self-sustaining business that remains deeply committed to the agent channel. In 1989, Marsch sold TMC Cal, but relaunched TMC in 1997 as a reseller of voice and data services to businesses nationwide. It has 30 employees and 300 sales partners. Marsch pioneered the development of the agent channel and was one of the first companies to offers an agent equity program.

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