IoT: It’s About Starting in the Middle

IoT Data

… any distributor, and the applications — those are pieces that VARs will license. But, to make the endpoint talk to sight machines or, the IoT platform is something that partners can deploy, something that goes in the edge server — the equipment you deploy today.

It’s important for partners to know about the different platform players, where they fit in, and which ones a partner should look at depending upon which vertical market they’re in.

So, if I were going to start an IoT practice, the place that I believe you have to start is in the middle. The middle is the part that’s hard and where there’s money to be made — that’s helping to design the IoT infrastructure, the connectivity glue.

CP/CF: So, sum up what you’ll cover in your presentation.

SD: Partners will need to learn what the platforms are all about, how to choose a platform they’ll want to work with and, how to create a relationship with the platform vendors.

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