Intelisys Vet Rejoins Master Agent Channel, Brings Contact Center Experience to Telarus

Welcome back

… putting their best foot forward, getting their team on the field and having a game plan. I think someone like myself who’s been in this space for 25-plus years can come in now and say, “OK, let’s bring all this together; this is where we want to go.” I think we have some opportunities with how we’re training partners, with how we’re gaining awareness among partners, equipping them to feel confident to go out and have these conversations. So yeah, there are going to be some changes when it comes to how we brand this, how we approach it and I think everyone is going to see the momentum pretty quickly.

CP: What do you hope to have accomplished a year from now?

BK: If I go back to where I was at the other master agency (Intelisys) before I came to Serenova, we piloted the approach to contact center selling and training of partners that I’m talking about doing for Telarus. And we set goals. We said we were going to start with “X” number of partners and the year would be a success if we had “this much” in sales. Well, what we ended up doing is booking over 250% year over year over what that agency had done in the contact center space before, and we ended up crushing our goal by over 300%. We actually closed two of the largest cloud contact center deals that were ever closed. And that was a pilot. So imagine Telarus is all in; this is not a pilot. We have people, we have resources, we have training, we’re putting money and effort behind this, and so I think we’re going to see some mega deals. I think we’re going to see these traditional industries that people said would never go cloud, complex companies in compliance and stuff like that moving to the cloud, so I really think we’re going to see a huge move in the types of companies that go to the cloud versus what they’re doing now.

CP: Are there things that you gained during your time with Serenova that you’re going to be bringing with you and making use of at Telarus?

BK: No doubt. I came to Serenova and I learned a lot about the supplier side, and I got a peek behind the curtain. When you’re the partner, all you know is your customer wants this and your customer wants that, and you really don’t know what it takes for the supplier to pull that off or what makes one feature function better with one supplier than it does another, and you don’t really know the ins and outs, and in some cases what process they have to follow. We talk about the partner wanting the customer to following a sales process, but there’s also a process that happens on the supplier side. And specifically with Serenova, one of the things I’ve learned that I’m very happy with is Serenova went through several changes when I first got there to make themselves easier to deal with in the channel. They combined their direct sales team and their channel sales team together so that everyone was working with partners. So what Serenova taught me really is, even going back into the channel, I want it to be easy for the partner to learn how to do this and I want it to be easy for the partner to interact with all of the suppliers. So it’s kind of like they raised the bar for the other suppliers and I’m going to require that from everyone now.

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