Intelisys’ Pryfogle Jumps to Pax8 to Lead Channel Convergence Charge


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MICROSOFT INSPIRE — Distributor Pax8 on Monday announced that Andrew Pryfogle, IT industry veteran and former Intelisys senior vice president, cloud transformation, has joined the company as its chief market development officer, a new role at Pax8.

Intelisys' Andrew Pryfogle

Intelisys’ Andrew Pryfogle

As six-year old Pax8 strives to establish a leadership position in modernizing IT distribution, the cloud distributor recently directed its focus on the yet to be realized convergence of the managed service provider (MSP) and telco agent channels, which is right up Pryfogle’s alley.

“Intelisys and our agents continue to be on the leading edge in advising customers on the best solutions for their businesses. We have a strong leadership team of cloud and technology visionaries that are committed to helping our partners grow their business. In keeping with that, we will be filling Andrew’s position. We appreciate his contributions during his time at Intelisys,” Melissa Andrews, manager, worldwide public relations, ScanSource, Intelisys’ parent company, told us, when we asked if there are plans to replace Pryfogle.

Channel Partners caught up with Pryfogle and Nick Heddy, chief revenue officer at Pax8, to learn more about the newly created position at the company and how Pryfogle is positioned to help Pax8 realize its vision.

Channel Partners: Before I ask Andrew why he joined Pax8 to take on the chief market development officer position, we need to understand why Pax8 created this new position in the first place.

Nick Heddy: [CEO] John Street, myself and others among our executive team have a telco background – John started Telephone Express, one of his first successful companies – and when we started the company six years ago, we always thought that this would be a good path to go down.

Here’s our list of channel people on the move in June.

John Street has been watching this convergence very closely with a lot of interest and we think that the time is now. We’re seeing new cloud products come to market that are crossing the barrier – agents can sell them and MSPs can sell them – so we believe that the time is now and that convergence is here, and we want to be the company that’s able to unify this ecosystem. We want to stop talking about MSPs and agents and treating them differently, and refer to everyone as a partner and unify this complex ecosystem.

CP: And what about this new role at the company?

NH: Pax8 now has over 7,000 partners in our ecosystem and 99% of those are MSPs. If we want to continue on this growth path that we’re on, we need someone with the expertise and track record like Andrew in a new position, to help us develop this new channel, which is agents.

Pax8's Nick Heddy

Pax8’s Nick Heddy

We think that this is going to open the door and allow us to grow at double the rate we are today. We’re bringing on about 400 MSPs monthly and we think that with this new offering, where we’re bringing our all of our stack categories through the MSP channel, we think that we can add new categories. Networking devices and UCaaS are some that we’re evaluating right now.

Andrew Pryfogle: I’m super excited about this opportunity. I think that it’s spot-on; this convergence of the channel is really starting to accelerate. Going forward, there’s not going to be a pure-play MSP or pure-play agent or VAR or integrator or whatever kind of title you want to use for that. I think that end user customers will dictate to partners – this is how I want to consume, this is how I want to buy – and partners of all stripes will have to be prepared to address those needs through a variety of business models.

Customers don’t wake up and say, “I have this technology problem; maybe I should call and MSP or VAR or agent.” Instead they’re asking, “I’ve got this technology problem, and who do I trust to help me solve it?” Partners have to get good across a much broader breadth of services to be able to address that. That’s where Pax8 has some advantage.

Agents have a tremendous opportunity to …

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