Ingram Micro Cloud Partners: Cloud or Bust

Cloud Management

… just getting started. Many have transacted twice on the marketplace in the last 12 months — how do we get them to sell more? We love Microsoft and we want them to sell a ton of Microsoft, but how do we help them sell more than just Microsoft?

In the last 90 days alone, we’ve launched DocuSign on the marketplace, Cisco Spark … these are exciting solutions that every one of our resellers now has instant access to. DocuSign has 300,000 new leads come to their website a day. They’re partnering with us to see how we can take those leads together and give them to the reseller community to execute those leads.

We have a lot going on with the ISVs and I’m seeing a big trend where ISVs are making the decision to invest big time back into distribution, at least with Ingram Micro. But, sometimes I don’t think that partners are leveraging what they could. It’s like they’ve got a free pass to the gym with a personal trainer and some of them aren’t using it.

The real beneficiary is the SMB [end customer] and my concern for the SMB is that they’re going to be left behind. If the SMBs don’t embrace technology, they simply can’t compete, and compete with the big guy. Our resellers have a tremendous opportunity to serve that SMB community to not just save them, but propel them into the future and help them compete with big business.

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