Ingram Micro Cloud Partners: Cloud or Bust

Cloud Management

… cloud practice that represents a very broad catalog and an industry-leading platform to help you deliver valued solutions to an end-client population, both existing customers and new ones.

If you’ve been a member of the Ingram community and you’re representing [Microsoft] 365, we have some exciting new solutions that are on our marketplace that you as a partner can develop competency to sell to your customers. Adding more solutions in your portfolio makes you (partners) valuable to your end clients.

We also see a tremendous opportunity to complement software as a service with infrastructure as a service and represent industry-leading providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, again through this platform that takes cost out of you (partners) doing business in delivering cloud services.

CP: Ingram Micro announced that that it’s reached 2 million seats on its cloud marketplace. Want to talk about the growth of the marketplace?

RD: The Ingram Micro Channel Marketplace that has 40,000 resellers signed up, collectively has 2 million seats on that marketplace that it facilitates, builds, provisions and manages.

Our message for partners, is the way we’ve built this marketplace platform out, it’s not about what we do, but what it allows our partners to do. So, every time we do something, how does this help our customers do more, take new products to market, how does it help them automate the provisioning of a product, how does it enable them to turn on Office 365 in seconds, not hours or days — those are the things we’re thinking about.

As we move to a cloud economy, with every month that passes, there’s one less month for partners to transform. If they don’t transform, digitalize, leverage the cloud, absorb and engage in cloud solutions, there will be a point – and I can’t predict when that time is – that they will go down.

CP: What’s ahead for 2018?

RD: I’m building the platform out for our partners. At the leadership level – and I sit on our executive leadership team – our focus for 2018 is, how do we help our current partners do more? Part of that is helping our partners define what success looks like. Where do they want to go and what does their North Star look like?

We talk to a lot of partners and what we find is that the world is moving so fast, that like most of us they haven’t paused and thought about where they’re going, and what success for them looks like. Our goal is not necessarily to continue to just add numbers [of partners in the marketplace], but what we’re also trying to do is … work with resellers that want to work with us — to leverage our visibility, our reach, our ability to share information with them to help them be more successful.

In 2018, it’s getting partners to leverage the cloud, and for many, it’s about …

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