Infinit Consulting Is MSP 501 Vanguard Award Winner


… “digital transformation.” They talk in terms of business opportunities and challenges.

“Customers are conditioned to accept the way technology is or has been,” he said. “You’re operating in Excel, you’re operating in Word, you’re operating in PowerPoint and Outlook, and then you have legacy reporting systems that are very cumbersome.”

Swan said his company’s No. 1 use case may come as a surprise to some.

“We’re transforming our own business,” he said. “And in kind, we have the right and ability to transform our clients. What that means is, we’re changing the perspective of IT as a cost center to a business enabler that should be invested in. It takes things from the traditional business terms that executives understand, and we technically enable it.”

The company has been developing its Infinit.One offering for this purpose; the solution is first and foremost a tool for the company that designed it.

“We’re building it for ourselves first, but what we found is every other service provider needs it, and clients need this too,” Swan said.

His advice for MSPs that want to be on top of the trends is to look inward. That, after all, is how Infinit Consulting changed itself so that it could in turn change its customers.

“They need to look at how they’re operating, and they need to begin transforming themselves,” he said. “They need to look at the friction and the experience they create for their client and how can they make it easier, faster, more effective, more data driven. And then run a data-driven business.”

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