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Posted: 05/2001

In Box

A Nice MeetingPlace

I read the January article on a portal-web-user interface ("Service
on a Portal," January 2001 PHONE+
) that enables enhanced communication.
The article gave an informative view of WebEx as a select communication portal
enabler, which prompted me to contact you regarding Latitude Communication’s
web-conferencing application.

You may be unaware of Latitude’s e-conferencing solution, MeetingPlace, which
integrates voice, data and web conferencing through devices many companies are
already using. Users of MeetingPlace can schedule and hold meetings from the
web, phone or Palm wireless device. It integrates with Lotus Notes and Microsoft
Outlook, and just recently announced a partnership with Cisco’s Call Manager,
which provides Internet access through Cisco IP telephones.

The solution eliminates the need for conferencing-service bureaus, and it
makes streaming video a secondary means to conduct business. MeetingPlace gives
participants the ability to see what they are working on, rather than just a
talking head of the person.

Nicole Raleigh
A&R Partners
[email protected]

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