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Posted: 2/2002

In Box

New for 2002

You may have noticed a few differences in PHONE+ this year. For one, we have responded to your suggestions to eliminate the URLs after company names to improve the readability of the articles. Of course, some of you rely on those links to get in touch with new suppliers, buyers and advisers, so we didn’t delete them altogether. Now, you’ll find all the web addresses to our sources listed conveniently at the end of each article or section, e.g. Wholesale Channel, in a box called “The Links.”

Another big difference is the additional of a quarterly special section called PHONE+ Collaborate. Debuting this month, PHONE+ Collaborate takes a look at the fast-growing opportunity for resellers, agents and affiliates in providing conferencing services. As a special bonus, this edition includes a mini-directory of our advertisers that can get you in the conferencing business quick. We hope you will find this tool useful in expanding your product portfolio this year.

Nice Job

Please accept my compliments on your feature article, “No Telco is an Island” in the December 2001 issue of PHONE+. Nicely done.

Patrick Bosold
Business Development/Corporate Communications


A January PHONE+story on Third-Party Verification
(TPV), “He Said, She Said,” was misleading in suggesting that new FCC
( regulations that require a sales representative to drop off during TPV were related to the use of touch tones in automated
TPV. However, as pointed out to us by Jim Veilleux of VoiceLog LLC,
( the regulations require a customer to provide verbal confirmation of a carrier change. VoiceLog’s verification system, in use by about 200 telecommunications carriers, as well as systems from other reputable TPV providers, determines if the confirmation is verbal and remains effective for complying with federal and state TPV regulations. 

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