Posted: 02/2001


XO Boosts GigE Story

I appreciated Khali Henderson’s December article, "Wholesale Metro IP
Gets Gig E Boost" and wanted to inform you of XO Communications’ Gigabit
Ethernet services.

Targeted to improve bandwidth delivery, XO is in a unique position to quickly
become the leader in Ethernet services.

Designed to connect customers’ local area networks within a metropolitan
area, XO’s suite of Ethernet services leverages the company’s extensive
metro-fiber assets currently spanning more than 430,000 metro-fiber miles in the
United States.

The result is data transmitted at speeds up to 1Gps – never before possible.

Dan Kalin
Project Manager Gigabit Ethernet Service
XO Communications

Yipes! Story Overlooks Pioneer

I came a bit belatedly upon your December cover story, "Wholesale Metro
IP Gets ‘GigE-boost’," but was surprised to see no mention in it of our
company, Yipes Communications.

Yipes is, by all accounts, the pioneer in the field of delivering GigE-based
IP services over fiber. As Scott Clavenna wrote in a recent paper for
LightReading, "Yipes got this market started and put a brand on the concept
of metro Ethernet services." We offer service to both wholesale and retail

In contrast to the main company profiled in the story, IP Networks, Yipes has
15,000 miles of lit fiber, not 50; and we have 20 markets in service across the
country, not simply plans to start service next spring. We also have many more
announced customers than Telseon, the other major service provider recognized in
the piece

I hope you’ll take a minute to check out what many customers and industry
analysts have said about us. If you browse our many press releases regarding
customers, markets, funding and partnerships, I think you’ll be impressed by our
leadership in this important new market.

Jonathan Marshall
Senior Director of Public Relations
Yipes Communications Inc.

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