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On behalf of TeleGea, thank you for the wonderful story you did on e-channels
in the October issue. For our part, we were pleased with the coverage and
thought it was a well-done article.

Becky Sheetz
TeleGea, Inc.

Telecom Veteran Joseph Sadoti Passes Away

Joseph Sadoti, founder of the Telecom Buying Alliance and CEO of SynergetEx
Inc., died Sept. 17 of complications from a fall 12 days earlier. He was 47.

The gregarious industry veteran followed a successful career in telecom
sales, organizing small carriers into a buying group to seek better rates from
multinational carriers. At its peak, the TBA had the support of nearly 50 small
to medium-sized long-distance carriers representing an estimated 50 million

After the group, which was formed in spring 1997, failed to secure a deal
with a carrier after a year and a half of negotiations, Mr. Sadoti formed
SynergetEx, a New York-based carrier. SynergetEx gave its reseller customers–i.e.,
alliance members–the ability to pool their minutes to achieve lower rates and
to earn equity in the company based on their usage.

Mr. Sadoti was a native of Arlington, Va. He was a graduate of Harvard.

Survivors include his wife, Christina Hawley Sadoti; a daughter, Alexis Ann
Sadoti; and his mother, Mary Eckley Sadoti, all of Arlington.

We Goofed

In the September PHONE+ AgENt Conference & Expo showguide the telephone
number in Member Call’s FasTrack Pro advertisement was listed incorrectly. The
number is +1 877 420 5120. We regret the error.

Also, in the October Trading Post story, the reference to OTC should have
been labeled as over-the-counter.

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