Call for Nominations

PHONE+ ( and the Association of Communications Enterprises
( are seeking nominations for recipients of the 2000 Communications Competition Award.

The award recognizes individuals whose contributions have advanced competition in the telecommunications industry since the breakup of the AT&T-Bell System and will be presented jointly by PHONE+ and ASCENT at ASCENT’s Fall Conference & Exhibition, along with a $10,000 contribution to a charitable cause of the honoree’s choice.

Roy A.
Wilkens, who turned a collection of gas pipeline rights of way into the fourth largest fiber optic telecommunications network in the United States, was named the first recipient of the award last year. Wilkens is currently the nonexecutive chairman of the board for Williams Communications Group Inc.

Nespola, president and CEO of The Management Network Group Inc. (, was one of those who nominated Wilkens for the award. He believes Wilkens enabled competition by giving entrepreneurial companies access to good technology at competitive prices. Those companies were the first real innovators the telecom industry had seen in years, Nespola says. “They were the vanguard, and they couldn’t have been the vanguard unless they had access to good technology at a competitive price,” he explains.

ASCENT President Ernie Kelly says, Wilkens developed the idea of using existing rights of way for telecommunications purposes and developed the wholesale model for competitive telecommunications.

Nominations for the 2000 Communications Competition Award can be placed using the official nomination form available on the PHONE+ and ASCENT websites and on page 124 of this issue of PHONE+. All nominations should be received by Sept. 30.

Industry Directory Update

Capsule Communications (formerly US
2 Greenwald Square, Suite 275
Bensalem, PA 19020

Capsule is an IXC which offers services wholesale, retail and agency. The company is a Switch-based Reseller of the following services: Toll-Free, ATM, Calling Cards,
DSL, E-Commerce, Enhanced Calling Cards, Fax, Frame Relay, Internet Access-Dedicated, IntraLATA Toll, Long Haul Termination, Prepaid Calling Cards, Private Data Lines, and T1/T3 Access. As a facilities-based carrier the company offers Conference Calling, Data Services, Dedicated LD, Domestic LD, International Termination-from U.S. and
Non-U.S. and is a switchless reseller of wireless cellular and wireless paging. For information contact Capsule’s President & CEO David
Hurwitz, +1 215 633 9400, fax +1 215 244 3443 or e-mail
The company’s website is

We Goofed

The article, “A Taxing Situation,” in the June 2000 issue of PHONE+ contained an error.

As pointed out in the article, Florida uses point of scale (POS) for applying “sales tax” but still imposes its gross receipts and local Public Service Tax on a usage basis. The chart reflecting “States Taxing Prepaid Cards at Point of Sale” should have included Florida with a notation, “Sales Tax Only.” PHONE+ regrets the error.

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