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Posted: 06/2002

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The Good, The Bad, The UNE – The Errors!

I have just read your article on UNE-P and found it interesting but think you misinterpreted some points. First, there are many more UNE-P CLECs than you mentioned. We have more than 6,500 lines on the UNE-P and we are not the only CLEC in Oregon providing UNE-P services.

Second, I think you missed the point with the FCC proceedings. I believe the FCC will use the current proceedings to limit and restrict the use of UNE-P. Furthermore, the current set of commissioners will, in my opinion, phase out UNE-P, as we know it, within as little as five years. Remember, with UNE-P the CLEC is using the ILEC’s equipment to provide the services it sells. We cannot add any service the ILEC does not provide from it’s switches. The FCC believes the CLEC should and, eventually, must provide some part of the network itself. It would not surprise me if the UNE they eventually phase out of UNE-P is the switch port. This would force us to provide at least the switching functionality of the network.

When Michael Powell says “I believe this commitment should focus, in particular, on both so-called ‘full facilities-based’ competition and competition from newer entrants who supplement their own facilities with network elements leased from the incumbent” he really means that we need to supplement our own facilities. He also, I believe, realizes that we need a customer base before we can support the capital expenditure required to provide the facilities. He will give us a period of time to develop the customer base but he will limit that time period.

I enjoyed the article and fully agree with most of it.

Michael E.
Vice President of Operations
United Communications Inc.

Staying Put

In recent PHONE+ articles you have referred to “J. Sherman Henderson” as the CEO of Excel Communications. Let me assure you that I have not been employed by Excel or VarTec Inc. and at no time have I been, nor do I plan to be, the CEO of Excel Communications of Dallas, Texas.

This confusion may have arisen because of my work during the VarTec, Lightyear and Excel merger talks. I was involved as the CEO of Lightyear. VarTec is a shareholder in Lightyear and I played a role in the early acquisition discussions of Excel and VarTec.

As recently as April 6, I attended the closing celebration of the VarTec/Excel transaction, but was unaware that I would be introduced as the CEO of Excel. I remain the president and CEO of Lightyear not Excel. All my actions were and continue to be taken with the best interests of Lightyear in mind.

I wish the best for my friends at Excel and VarTec. My attention is focused on Lightyear, our 400 agents, 200,000 customers, and the future growth of our business.

J. Sherman Henderson III,
President and CEO,
Lightyear Communications

Our Apologies

The April 15, PHONE+ 2002 Source Book contained a few errors. The following is the correct information.

  • The fax number for The Coastal Connections Corp. is +1 207 839 3676 and the e-mail addresses are or The company’s website is

  • The name of the company P3 Millennium was misspelled. Its correct e-mail address is

  • The phone and fax numbers and address of the telx Group Inc. should have been listed as: Phone: +1 212 480 3300; Fax: +1 212 480 8384; Address: 60 Hudson St. Suites 900 & 2300, New York, NY 10003

  • The correct address for Claremont Billing Systems is: 254 S. Main St., New City, NY 10956

  • The correct e-mail address for Transpoint Communications is:

  • The correct URL for SNET Diversified Group is

We apologize for these errors.

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