Hybrid Cloud: Choose the Right Workloads to Migrate

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… the common challenges, roadblocks and objections customers are facing to preempt them so that they can then prepare them for the journey. There [are] also a wide variety of tools available to help organizations at different stages throughout the journey. The partner’s role is to first and foremost be a trusted adviser to the customer. Many platforms and providers have their own agenda and strengths and weaknesses. Helping a customer understand those dynamics so that they can make the best decisions for their business is incredibly important. There is also a culture shift required of any successful hybrid cloud strategy. Guiding customers to be the change agent through this process is another key role of a every partner.

CP: What is one thing that you would like the audience to take away from your talk?

MC: The biggest takeaway is that a successful hybrid cloud strategy is not a point-in-time exercise. To successfully unlock the value of the cloud, organizations must change how they think about managing their environment and applications to truly only pay for what they need to deliver on the required [service-level agreement] for their applications. The promise of the cloud, while incredible, is very hard to achieve. It requires a constant matching between the demand of resources by applications to the supply of resources available in the cloud to deliver application SLA as cost effectively as possible.

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