How to Solve More Problems for Your Clients with Upselling and Cross-Selling

Business Problem Solving

… technology business doesn’t work that way.

CF: How does the technology business work, then?

DD: The buying dynamics have changed pretty extraordinarily over the past 10 years with this huge acceleration over the past couple of years. One of terms we use is “sherpa,” someone to guide [customers] through the complexity of getting all of this stuff to work together. It all lives in the category of technology. Customers don’t want to talk to specialists anymore – with some exceptions, like around security – but nobody cares anymore if you’re a PBX specialist because it’s just an application to most enterprises.

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CF: Let’s get back to upsell and cross-sell.

DD: The new way of thinking about it is, “I’m selling you a WAN; I should probably be selling layers of security on top of that WAN because I know you need it. And, if I’m putting in SD-WAN, I should be talking to you about some of the things that SD-WAN enables such as unified communications and contact center in the cloud.” We’re always looking for that next adjacency, and that doesn’t have anything to do with the size of the customer; in fact, if you go to the MSP model, we’re going to give you everything for your 50 employees; they’ve always been very good about thinking about the whole picture of snapping all the puzzle pieces together and getting a business functioning. So, start thinking more like an MSP.

CF: What can attendees expect to learn at your presentation?

DD: You can make 100 phone calls to get one appointment or you can call John, who you’ve been doing business with for seven years and say, “Can I come in and talk to you about this interesting thing that I just learned about?” One of those meetings is a lot easier to get.

I’m not going to talk about products or the next thing partners should be selling because those should be choices based on the business you have, and you’ve done in the past. I’m coming in as a peer who has built a business based on customer retention, growth of those customers to share my best practices. So, how you, if you’re willing, can also get into larger enterprises because that is available to us now and has opened to the channel in the last couple of years, and how, regardless of your customer base, big or small, how you can be growing your top and bottom line by better serving your customer and solving more problems for them.

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