How to Sell Application and ‘as-a-Service’ Clouds

Cloud Apps

…one or more additional ERP systems in the cloud. Most core (e.g. financial) ERP systems are on-premise, while the second tier (such as sales and inventory management) may be either on premise or cloud.

CP: What do you hope the audience will take away from your panel?

JP: This session will provide guidance on the current market landscape for the five most adopted products. The panel will discuss the corporate drivers that are moving organizations to pursue as a service options. During the session, we’ll identify prime selling opportunities such as upgrade cycle and greenfield environments. Additionally, session participants will learn the key benefits that as-a-service-model products can bring to their clients. Many of these application-as-a-service products, along with marketing and engineering resources ,are available today from existing, trusted vendors like 8×8, CenturyLink, Cyxtera/Cryptzone and Sungard [AS].

During the session we’ll provide ideas to that spur participants’ thinking about which clients could benefit from these solutions as well as how to monetize the vendor resources currently at their disposal.

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