How to Run an Efficient IT Consultancy

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… help them embrace and exploit emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain. And many MSPs are also looking for workers whose skills align with existing solutions higher up the application stack, such as data analytics and business intelligence. Automation eliminates some human-resource needs, but does not cover all the bases.

CP/CF: What are the most popular tools used by MSPs today?

April: Homegrown solutions – aka spreadsheets – still dominate. RMM is pretty much table stakes for any MSP that has grown beyond a very small SMB in terms of the number of customers they are managing. PSA packages are also popular, but their high cost can be prohibitive to smaller MSPs. More recently, BDR solutions such as what you see from a provider like Datto are gaining in popularity. Many of these solutions are now offered as a holistic platform from a single vendor, which makes it easier for MSPs from an integration standpoint. Finally, any security-related tool is essential.

CP/CF: What needs or challenges of modern MSPs do we not yet have tools/technologies to adequately manage?

April: MSPs that are new to the recurring revenue model often struggle with some business basics such as calculating customer-acquisition costs, developing the right kind of service-level agreements, pricing their services and so forth. Many would extend a big welcome to any tool or service that could assist with these essentials.

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