How to Make Your Business Iconic


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How do you unleash the power of your unique brand?

Soon YuWe’ll get the answer from Soon Yu, international speaker, innovation and design consultant, and author of the upcoming book “Iconic Advantage,” which focuses on unleashing the power of iconic brands. He has founded and served as CEO for several venture startups, was a consultant at Bain and Co. and was a general manager at Chiquita Brands and The Clorox Co. He most recently served as global vice president of innovation at VF Corp., parent organization to such well-known companies as The North Face, Vans, Timberland, Nautical and Wrangler.

During this Channel Partners Conference & Expo keynote titled, “Peak Conditioning: Staying On Top,” Yu will reveal how “noticing power” plus “staying power” equals success.

In a Q&A with Channel Partners, Yu gives a sneak peek into the information he’ll share with attendees.{ad}

Channel Partners: What does “iconicity” mean and is it difficult for companies to achieve?

Soon Yu: Iconicity is a measure of how iconic a brand/business is. Iconic status is the highest and most profitable form of branding there is … and is achieved once you have universal recognition (within the universe you compete in) for a relevant distinction.

There are proven best practices that can increase your odds of achieving and sustaining iconic status. I will share those with our channel partners so that they can increase their odds of achieving and sustaining iconic status.

CP: What are some of the basics of building and maintaining an iconic brand?

SY: The three qualities iconic brands have are distinction, relevance and universal recognition. To realize these qualities, businesses must focus on building iconic noticing power, staying power and scaling power.

CP: What are some of the potential pitfalls to avoid in trying to build “noticing power” and “staying power”?

Yu: The key pitfall of building noticing power is being different for difference sake only. Instead, it’s critical to develop signature iconic elements (including services) that encapsulate your key point of difference. This will ensure greater relevance, which is critical to build staying power.

CP: What do you hope those who attend your keynote learn and take with them?

Yu: I want them to understand the power and value of innovating their strengths (versus just chasing shiny objects) … and by creating relevant signature elements that embody their strengths, they, too, can become more iconic in the universe they compete in.

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